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  • Sam Pineo said:
    04/01 1:12

    possible edit: add coward subtype? find way to make mono-red?

    Stoneclaw Bullies by Globert-the-Martian
  • 04/01 12:24

    1. Eye-catching art.
    2. Proper formatting.
    3. Interesting card design.
    4. Balanced effects.
    5. Good flavor.
    6. Credit the artist.
    7. ? ? ?
    8. Profit.

    Ethereal Mindlocker by 12SidedGuy
  • 04/01 12:16

    I see, thanks for clearing that up.

    I found the creator of this card's artwork with image search, but most of the time that doesn't help either. Sites like Pinterest have tons of artwork, but seldomly do they have an artist source like you mentioned. I'd suggest browsing art from sites where artists post their works directly (DeviantArt, ArtStation, or their own gallery sites), but it's sometimes hard to find art for a specific card idea you might have in mind.

    Nameless Healer by Birdofterror
  • 04/01 11:44

    Thank you for the long reply, let me go one at a time.

    Regarding your changes to the mechanics you're probably right on all accounts. I imagined a few Black/White hybrid life ante decks to intentionally get your own life down to a certain point and then use life gain as a resource.

    Regarding things like Rise from the Grave or Snapcaster mage, the card would function, to other cards, while in your hand, library, graveyard, or exile, as whichever type it would be in regards to its transformation. For example in every instance it could possibly be played in its instant form it counts as an instant and thus would be viable to Snapcaster mage, but if your health is less than five, that spell transforms into a creature in every instance of its language, meaning it would no longer be snappable. It's kind of a radiant state but it's never vague. It will always either be one or the other depending on the current state of your health.

    Regarding credit, that's fair. Some pics I find have seemingly no artist source but the ones that do I could probably do with some credit. Though perhaps I should consider using an AI to generate some blobs for me.

    Nameless Healer by Birdofterror
  • 04/01 11:36

    This is terribly weak for a mythic legend, even with mana value of 1. A player does little to nothing with 3 life when they already have lots of life, and when they have less than 5 life, 4 life and a 1/1 vanilla body isn't going to save them in majority of board states. Most of the time, players lose the game without ever reaching 1-5 life, because they either get hit too hard (from 58 life to -36 life) or lose by some other means, e.g. empty library.

    I'd suggest making the instant able to keep you alive for a turn, something like this:

    If you have more than 5 life, this spell is an instant with the effect: Until end of turn, damage that would reduce your life total to less than 1 reduces it to 1 instead.

    And when you have less than 5 life, give the effect to the creature itself, so it'll be able to keep you alive in a desperate situation for as long as you control it:

    If you have less than 5 life, this spell is a legendary creature with the ability: Damage that would reduce your life total to less than 1 reduces it to 1 instead.

    Also, is this card both an instant and a creature all the time in zones like library and graveyard? Will players be able to return this from the grave to the battlefield with cards like Rise from the Grave, or to cast it from the grave as an instant with cards like Snapcaster Mage?

    This design idea would need additional rules to work, but since it's quite similar with Adventure cards, perhaps this should adopt that mechanic. Right now, this is similar to the unpopular and obsolete Fateful hour mechanic, which had always been hard to work with.

    Finally, you should credit the artists of the artworks you use on your cards, since their works are the most eye-catching parts of the cards you make. The art you use on this is Warden of Healing, made by Paolo Puggioni on ArtStation.

    Nameless Healer by Birdofterror
  • 04/01 10:55

    I can't see many situations where an opponent would scry this way. Their card draw quality would be better, but the controller of this creature gets card advantage in addition to scrying. I'd say, it wouldn't be worth it for the opponent(s). And the creature also seems a bit weak when p/t is compared to its mana value and rarity, especially so when most of the time it would just let you scry 2. Perhaps it should be a 3/3, so it would be able to deal with most common token creatures at least.

    Glinteye Stag by Lujikul
  • 04/01 9:00

    Another batch of 4 cards with a custom theme. Cards that can either be one type or another type. In this case, an instant if your life is high or a creature if your life is low. I created another batch of 4 cards earlier with a custom ability called Battle Bond. Go check em out!

    Nameless Healer by Birdofterror
  • 04/01 5:01

    Pretty risky gamble: The goddess gets countered and its nothing but lands in your future!

    Goddess of Sprawling Roots by 12SidedGuy
  • Jadefire said:
    04/01 4:06

    Chain reaction with Scouting Trek for sure.

    Goddess of Sprawling Roots by 12SidedGuy
  • 04/01 3:51

    how do i get people to look at my cards? :P

    Ethereal Mindlocker by 12SidedGuy